tương lai hoàn thành tiếp diễn

1. My Dad  _________ for three days by the time I see him.

2. They'll be exhausted by lunch. They will have been _________ football for 3 hours.

3. Will you _________ here for eight years by the time of summer?

4. It's a 12-hour relay. We'll only have been _________ for half the time by 7pm.

5. We _________ been waiting too long.

6. I _________ working for six years.

7. Won't they _________ traveling for 4 weeks by then?

8. The teachers will _________ for 2 months by the time the deal is made.

9. The films run overnight. We _________ movies for five hours by the time the feature comes on.

10. She _________ undergoing surgery for two hours.