Từ vựng chủ đề Health


doctor skin-disease bedrest medical insurance toothache operating theatre bleeding
psychiatrist high blood pressure hurt-food poisoning wheelchair dog-tired dermatologist
lung cancer full of beans tablets depression obesity back on his feet consultant

1. Stop smoking too much if you don’t want to suffer .

2. I’m going to see the today because my skin is suffering from .

3. She is getting after a week catching a cold.

4. Please take 2 daily with a meal so you can get rid of a stomachache. 

5. My daughter is having an appointment with a tomorrow because she has a sore throat and a fever.

6. They ate too much street food last night so today they are having .   

7. Our patient is waiting for us in the after the 4-hour surgery. 

8. My sister is feeling stressed and sleepless these days, so she wants to meet a to know if she is suffering .

9. The football player has to sit on a for 2 weeks because he hurt his leg while playing football.

10. My tooth was when the dentist tried to pull it out. 

11. I have so I didn’t have to pay too much for the hospital bill. 

12. My brother feels after a long working day. 

13. He is waiting for a to talk about his symptoms. 

14. Don’t eat too much salt unless you will suffer .

15. “Where does it ?” – “I have a I can’t eat or drink anything.”