Summaries with wordlist (Tóm tắt nội dung bằng từ vựng)

3. Complete the summary in 2 using the wordlist below.

Hoàn thành phần tóm tắt ở bài 2 bằng cách sử dụng danh sách từ vựng dưới đây.

in sequence revolution beneficial effect electronic gizmos
messages letters electronics negative impact
much behaviour development all together
significant amounts

According to a recent report, young people aged 8-18 are wasting (1) of time by multitasking. In fact, they are spending as much as 50 per cent longer than if they did the same tasks (2) . Some young people are juggling a larger and larger array of (3) as they study, while surfing the net, sending (4) , answering the phone, and listening to music simultaneously. Other studies have shown that this (5) is affecting the way families operate, with young people too self-absorbed to talk to other family members or to eat at the family table. The electronic (6) is also apparently having a (7) on young people's studies and work.