Part 2: Practice exercises (Bài tập luyện tập)

4. Rewrite the answers a-h in no more than three words. Do not use any verbs in your answers.

Viết lại các câu trả lời a-h với không quá ba từ. Không sử dụng bất kỳ động từ nào trong câu trả lời của bạn.
(Đáp án chỉ mang tính chất tham khảo)


Question: What sort of technical difficulties has the school been having?

Answer: There have been problems with the systems that are currently used by the computers. 

                 -> computer system problems


Q: What idea has the Head Teacher come up with?
A: Her idea is to adapt the way the college communicates.


Q: What action do they need to take first?
A: They need to correct the information in the timetables.


Q: What is even more urgent than improving communications?
A: They need to find methods to help them save time.


Q: Name one of the aims that are mentioned on the final list. 
A: The school library wants to increase the number of books it lends out.


Q: What is the main priority in terms of after-school activities?
A: They would like to put on plays during term time only.


Q: What else would they like to increase?
A: They also aim to do more sports activities after school.


Q: What is the school satisfied with?
A: They are happy with the way they keep control of their resources.


Q: What aspect of the school's performance still needs to be determined?
A: They need to assess how satisfied the students are.