Part 1: Vocabulary (Từ vựng)

1. Match the words 1-7 to the definitions a-g.

Nối các từ 1-7 với các định nghĩa a-g.

1. a compass a. a flat, semi-circular piece of plastic or metal which is used for measuring angles
2. a test tube b. an area of land that contains the main buildings of a university or college
3. a protractor c. a building with rooms or flats, usually built by universities or colleges, in which students live during the term
4. a laboratory d. a hinged V-shaped instrument that you use for drawing circles
5. a hall of residence e. a small tube-shaped container made from glass, used in laboratories
6. a lectern f. a room containing scientific equipment where students aretaught science subjects such as chemistry
7. a campus g. a high sloping desk on which someone puts their notes when they are standing up and giving a lecture