lead to

1. This is not my effort only, John and Jimmy’s efforts all _______ the success.

2. Don’t blame others for your serious mistakes, remember that what you did _______ the accident.

3. Daniel’s idea _______ the team’s victory.

4. I don’t want to admit that but her decision alone _______ their success in this deal.

5. The teacher realized that her student’s ideas do not only _______ the class’s winning but, in fact, lead to it.

6. The first chapter in this novel describes the strange sequence of events that _______ his death.

7. The long hot summer has _______ serious water shortages.

8. Her volunteer work in the hospital ________ to a career in nursing.

9. Stress can ________ physical illness.

10. That I decided to go to college ________ a whole new page in my life.