Bài tập 1: Chọn đáp án đúng cho những câu sau:


Bài tập 1: Chọn đáp án đúng cho những câu sau:

1. You borrowed two books but returned only one. When will you return ___?

2. There are a few sweets left. But where are ___?

3. There are two sandwiches on the plate. I will take one of them and you may have ___one.

4. I don’t get this rule. Can you give me ___ example?

5. The first task of the test was rather difficult but___ tasks were quite easy.

6. I don’t like the colour of this hat. Can you show me ___ hat?

7. What ___ domestic animals do you know besides cats and dogs?

8. I see only two cups on the table. Where are ___?

9. Some people like to argue while ___ always look for a compromise.

10. I can see only one shoe here. Where is ___?

11. I can’t cut anything with this knife. Give me ___ knife, please.

12. I have four roommates. One of them is American and ___ are Spanish.

13. Can I have ___ piece of cake?

14. Have you got any ___ ice creams?

15. She never thinks about ___ people.

16. They love each ___ very much.

17. Where are the ___ boys?

18. He never thinks of ___.

19. We will be staying for ___ few weeks.

20. They sat for hours looking into one ___ eyes.

21. Don’t worry. Tomorrow is ___ day

22. Some people like to rest in their free time. ___ like to travel.

23. This cake is delicious! Can I have ___ slice, please?

24. The supermarket is on ___ side of the street.

25. There were three books on my table. One is here. Where are ___?

26. This is not the only answer to the question. There are ___

27. Please give me ___ chance.

28. Our ___ option is to stay at home and watch the television.

29. Some of the speakers went straight to the conference room. ____ speakers still hanging around.

30. Where are ___ boys?