Bài tập Cấu trúc before


1. Tom came to see me before he (board) the plane back home.

2. She (move) school before I found her.

3. Anne (come) before Lisa left.

4. You should wash your hands carefully before (eat) .

5. Students need to (do) homework before going to school.

6. Put your clothes away before it (rain) .

7. I (finish) the cake before my mother returned.

8. The house will be cleaned before I (move) in.

9. Before (choose) a major, you need to determine your passions and interests.

10. Change your negative habits before your health (ruin) .

11. He will be back home before his mother (cook) dinner.

12. Before (take) the exam, I usually study very carefully.

13. Adam (eat) breakfast before going to school.

14. Before she (succeed) , she had worked very hard.

15. Lisa reads books before she (go) to bed