Bài tập vị trí của tính từ

1. My mom wanted to buy two _________________ tables. (square/ brown/ dining/ small)

2. Does Lisa need this _________________ chair? (wooden/ big/ square)

3. What is that _________________ thing? (blue/ triangular/ feather)

4. Did you notice the brand of these _________________ cars? (red/ streamlined/ splendid/ sport)

5. Jenny can take care of your ________________ kitty. (Persian/ naughty/ gray)

6. That __________________ wallet belongs to my brother. (long/ leather/ multicolored)

7. Never press this _________________ button! (red/ plastic/ square)

8. Tom will prepare a _________________ breakfast. (Chinese/ light/ nice)

9. This ___________________ bear is my friends’ gift. (shaped/ elegantly/ amazing/ brown/ wooden)

10. He bought a ___________ house. (beautiful / pink / big)