bài tập tiếng anh lớp 4 – Nghe và điền từ thích hợp vào chỗ trống

Listen and fill in the blanks with suitable words

Cashier: Next, please! What would you like?

Andi: Can I have a (1) , please?

Cashier: A cheeseburger or double cheeseburger?

Andi: Double cheeseburger, please.

Cashier: Anything else?

Andi: Yeah, I'd like some (2) cake.

Cashier: Would you like a drink?

Andi: Yes, can I have an (3) juice, please?

Cashier: OK, so that’s one double cheese (4) , one (5) cake and an (6) juice. What’s your table number?

Cashier: Table 3. How much is that?

Café worker: That’s £8.37, please.

Cashier: Here you are.

Café worker: Thank you. That’s (7) £ , and £1.63 change. Next, please!