Bài tập ôn luyện đề thi tiếng anh vào lớp 6

1. Jenny is the tallest girl in this class.

No one in this class .

2. Jane sings very well.

Jane is .

3. Living in a city is very convenient.

It is .

4. My friend Jane often rides her bike to school.

My friend Jane often goes .

5. My younger brother wants to be a flight attendant in the future.

My younger brother would .

6. My sister started working as a secretary six years ago.

My sister has .

7. "Don't forget to call the office," she told John.

She reminded .

8. The watch was so expensive that John didn't buy it.

The watch was too .

9. You may get hungry on the trip, so take some biscuits

In case .

10. I would like you to help us put the chairs away.

Do you mind .