Gerund Quiz


Welcome to your Gerund Quiz

1. She kept on_______

2. He went to market without_______ anything.

3. This article is worth_______ into your notebook.

4. The girl denied_______ the glass window.

5. These nurses are accustomed to _______ at night.

6. The criminal admitted_______ this innocent child.

7. Mrs. Rose was accustomed_______ in this house.

8. She has avoided_______ to him so far.

9. We should avoid_______ wine.

10. It is no use_______ over spilled milk.

11. My father prevented me_______ for a picnic.

12. You should remember_______ to me.

13. We object to_______ her like this.

14. I can’t help_______ anxious about the exam

15. The nurse denied_______ the injection.

16. Don’t stay in this bush to avoid_______ by snakes

17. I am looking forward to_______ my classmates again

18. It is necessary that you avoid_______ him during the working session.

19. Are you considering_______ with us?

20. Your hair needs_______