Bài tập Cấu trúc ‘Why don’t we”: Viết lại câu

1. Why not invite John to the party?

-> Why don’t we ?

2. Shall we call back to him?

-> Why don’t we ?

3. How about learning a new language in our free time?

-> Why don’t we ?

4. Why don’t we do D.I.Y together! It’s very relaxing.

-> Let’s ! It’s very relaxing.

5. Let’s give away our clothes to the poor.

What about

6. Why don’t we travel to Singapore on the holiday?

-> What about ?

7. Why don’t we work out in the park?

-> Shall ?

8. What about changing our outfits at break time?

-> Why don’t we ?

9. Why don’t we dine out in that Italian restaurant?

-> Why not ?

10. Let’s redecorate the living room to prepare for your birthday.

-> Why not ?