Bài tập câu trực tiếp, câu gián tiếp

1. He said, "I found the money in the garden yesterday."=> He said that he had found the money in the garden___________

2. Mary begged the teacher, "Please , give me another chance!" => Mary begged the teacher________ her another chance.

3. The policeman asked me, "What were you wearing last Sunday?” => The policeman asked me what I was wearing__________.

4. Robert said, "You can stay at my place over the weekend." => Robert said that I ___________ at his place over the weekend.

5. She said, "I'm sorry but I have to go now." => She said that she was sorry she _____ go then.

6. Judy complained, “I have already written this essay four times.” Judy complained that she had already written _______ essay four times.

7. The passenger asked: "Could someone help me with the luggage?" => The passengers asked_____ someone could help him/her with the luggage.

8. Mary said, "I should have phoned my mother". => Mary said that she __________her mother.

9. She said, "It's been a long time since I had such a good meal." => She said that it_______ been a long time since she had such a good meal.

10. The teacher reminded us, “Don’t forget your homework”. => The teacher reminded us _______ forget our homework.