Bài tập angry đi với từ gì

Chọn và điền đáp án đúng nhất nhé

  1. Why is she angry everyone? (for/at/about/to)
  2. Everyone couldn’t understand what Nam was angry going outside. (about/to/from/in)
  3. I’m so angry   you for not coming home sooner! (of/about/with/on)
  4. She was so angry the vase broken by the cat. (at/with/on/for)
  5. It is not worth getting so angry such a small thing! (with/of/at/in)
  6. My grandfather  was angry me for playing video games too much . (from/for/about/with)
  7. Ms. Minh was so angry the story Khanh told. (about/in/on/with)
  8. Cuong's still very angry me for forgetting his birthday gift. (on/to/in/with)
  9. My mother was really angry my grades. (from/for/about/with)
  10. He was very angry himself for making a stupid mistake. (of/about/with/on)
  11. Huong felt angry the unfair result. (on/at/in/from)
  12. The passengers grew angry the delay. (about/to/from/in)
  13. He was angry wrong information. (from/for/about/with)
  14. Patients are angry the increase in charges for medicines. (for/at/about/to)