Bài tập ago là thì gì


Welcome to your Bài tập ago là thì thì

1. I (move) here eight months ago.

2. The word "windfall" (come) from England centuries ago.

3. Five hours ago John (jump) over a mogul and fell.

4. I (give) it to the teacher two hours ago.

5. My brother (graduate) 5 months ago.

6. My grandmother (use) Facebook and Instagram 4 months ago.

7. Our passport (expire) three weeks ago.

8. Our flight (book) 2 months ago.

9. I (have) a birthday party two weeks ago.

10. This organization (form) ten years ago.

11. It (happen) 10 minutes ago.

12. I (receive) John's letter six days ago.

13. I (meet) Anna in Los Angeles 3 years ago.

14. My grandparents (pass away) a long time ago.

15. The accident (happen) four years ago.

16. I (come) to Africa four years ago.

17. I (start) learning another language two years ago.

18. I'm writing in reply to Jane's letter that I (receive) four days ago.

19. My parents (arrive) in England not long ago.

20. My little sister (have) dyspepsia three days ago.